Holy Water, Holy Oil, Holy Earth

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You will find this Holy Water, Holy Oil, and Holy Earth meaningful, inspirational, and healing.

Use during prayers and spiritual meditation in the home, religious celebrations, sick room visitation and as sacraments at time of hardship.

Pray for Blessings, Healing, Baptizing, Purifying, Cleansing, Repentance, for the sick, or other personal needs.

As you pray, place a few drops of Holy Water/Holy Oil on your fingers and bless yourself (make the sign of the Cross, put some Water/Oil on your forehead, then on your heart at the center, then on your left chest and on your right chest).

Rub the Anointing Oil on the body and pray for physical healing.

Keep the Holy Earth as a spiritual keepsake!

Carefully prepared and packed in the Holy Land with the utmost care and reverence, the set includes:
1. Purifying Holy Water from Jordan River
2. Holy Anointing Olive Oil pressed in Bethlehem
3. Holy Earth from the Hills of Bethlehem
4. A picture card of Holy Site or a Biblical Scene
5. Certificate of Authenticity

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